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Jesus went through hell to attain salvation for us so we can spend eternity experiencing joy and blessings in God's presence.
It is all about Jesus. Understanding God is found in hungering to know more about Jesus.
Who is God the Father? We examine God the Father throughout the Old and New Testament, and who He is to us today.
What does it mean to truly believe in something? How important is it to us?
You need to develop a place of beauty where your faith will not let go.
He is risen from the dead! Pastor Tom examines the Easter story, a story of death and new life.
We tend to lose days here and there, but what happened between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday? Pastor Tom sits down with Pastor Will Whyte to discuss.
We need to live holy and godly lives, not finding comfort in the things of this world.
Find Jesus as your source of strength in the midst of life's struggles and stress.
We are called to grow in the spirit of humility.
We need to grow in the fear of the Lord.
We need to have the perseverance to experience renewal.
Do not give in to temptation, but build a solid character.
Pastor Tom continues his series on building character as we explore how to face the trials and suffering that come in life, and how to come out on the other side.
Pastor Tom sits down with Pastor Will Whyte to discuss building character through the sufferings and trials of this life.

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