The Open Door

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Now that you're here, what's next? What is the next step from being a visitor to getting involved at Kingsville Community Church?

What Is The Open Door?

The Open Door is designed to help us grow in our faith in Jesus Christ and to serve God with our gifts and talents. It is through the Open Door that we discover the vision, purpose, and beliefs of our assembly, and how people become involved at KCC.

Purpose & Vision

What is our purpose? Where are we going as a church? In Week 1 of the Open Door, we start with the purpose and vision of KCC. We explain what we mean when we say "Love, Teach, Reach."

Core Values, Beliefs & Practices

To be a healthy growing organization, they not only need to have a purpose, mission and vision, they also have to define what their values are and have a set of beliefs that they do not vaver from. In Week 2, we explore what we value here at KCC and what we believe.

The Journey

In Week 3 of the Open Door, we will look at the journey of a follower of Jesus. Christianity is not a destination but a journey in becoming more like Christ.

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