KCC Covid-19 Response

KCC Covid-19 Response

Dear Congregation,


We are contacting you to inform you about the plan of action for Kingsville Community Church regarding the Covid 19 pandemic. Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our congregation.


In response to the Government of Ontario we are cancelling all church gatherings until the Ontario Ministry of Health gives us provincial guidance to return to operations.


We have moved to a virtual format for Sunday morning church services, which can be found on our website. We will use this format until the church returns to public services.


We are not making these adjustments to cause fear, panic or inconvenience but we are following the recommendations of the Government of Ontario Health Ministry, Western Ontario District PAOC and the Canadian Government. It is our love and care for this congregation that tell us that this is best decision to make at this time to consider the health of everyone.


We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward, so check the church website and Facebook regularly.


Please remember to follow all recommended health protocols. Our biggest concern is for our congregation and their family members to remain healthy and safe.  Please keep this health matter in your prayers and look to the Lord for the wisdom, compassion and calm that is required at times such as these. We can be a beacon of hope to others if we continue to keep our eyes on Jesus.


Pastor Tom