KCC Fresh Start Services (Covid-19 Response)

KCC Fresh Start Services (Covid-19 Response)

We are excited to welcome everybody back to church for a Fresh Start!!


Fresh Start Sunday June 21st


Churches’ in Ontario can re-open at 30% capacity for each service. Chairs will be set up in the sanctuary to accommodate these numbers.


In order to keep you safe we have coordinated the services as follows:


9:00 a.m.- Fresh Start Worship Gathering

We encourage our singles and seniors to attend this service to make room for families who need children’s ministry to attend the 10:30 a.m. service. (Nursery – Cubby House – will be available as a child/parent room with no ministry worker provided)

10:30 a.m. Fresh Start Family Service.

The ARK and Superkids will be offered at this service only. (Nursery – Cubby House – will be a child/parent room with no ministry worker provided.)

Processes we have in place to keep you safe

The main doors, off the parking lot will be used for entering the church. The Division Rd doors will be used only for exiting the building. Everyone comes in the main and everyone exits the Division Rd doors.

The congregation is welcome to wear their own face masks for the safety of all worshipers. We are not making face masks mandatory for worshipers, but all workers will be wearing masks. All attendees will be encouraged to keep social distancing and the café will remain closed for food & beverage.


Health Department Guidelines

For Re-opening:

Sanitization Station- everyone will be required to sanitize their hands when they come in the door. We will have disposable face masks available if you would like to wear one during the service.  


Sign in Station As required by the Ontario Government, every person is required to sign themselves and their children in. We encourage everyone to sign in before service using the church sign-in app.

Debit Machine Station - The machine will be sanitized between each use. If you are currently tithing on-line we encourage you to keep doing so.

Sunday Offering - an Offering Station will be set up in inside the sanctuary where you can drop of your tithing envelopes.

If you are feeling sick, or have been around someone with Covid-19 please stay home and watch the service on-line.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

Pastor Tom